Member Flexibilities

This is where you can access the resources to help you decide which benefits, known as flexibilities, are right for you.
You can also watch the video below and visit My Pension Online to make your selections quickly and easily.

Remember there are limits to how much you can pay towards flexibilities. These limits are £6,300 for final salary members and £6,500 for career average members. You can use the calculator to find out how much you can increase your pension by before you make your decision.

These flexibilities are not available across both arrangements, so it’s important to know which arrangement you’re in before you make your choice by using the 'What type am I' tool.

Options for increasing your pension

Faster Accrual

Increase your pension by changing your accrual rate, apply before 31 March each year.

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Buy Out

Retire early with an unreduced pension, apply within the first six months of employment.

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Additional Pension

Make contributions regularly or as a lump sum to buy more pension.

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Other options

Additional Voluntary Contributions

Make contributions to a defined contribution fund to increase your pension.

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