How much can you earn as a retired member?

Getting back into employment after retirement.

Salary of Reference effective date: Salary Of Reference DateThe effective date can be found on your award papers. It’s the latest date when you were earning the highest salary forming your average salary. You may close this dialog by pressing the escape key.

What this calculator can and can't tell you

  • This calculator takes your salary of reference and revalues it to its current value.
  • The result of this revaluation, index linked to your salary of reference.
  • The maximum you can earn before affecting your pension.
  • The factor used in these calculations.
  • The implications for your pension if you earn beyond the maximum amount.
  • Does not cater for apportionment.
  • Does not cater for multiple retirement awards – this can be accessed via My Pension Online.
  • If you have retired on a premature basis any mandatory/discretionary pension needs to be taken into account separately for abatement purposes.

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