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Submitting your MDC data

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about submitting your MDC data.
  • Do I still need to complete the Monthly Contributions Return?

    Yes - all employers who are now providing Monthly Data Collection (MDC) returns including contributions amounts must continue to provide us with the monthly contributions tiered breakdown slip by 7th of each month.

    The MDC contributions data is not being utilised to allow Teachers’ Pensions to reconcile back to your payment at this time. We’ll notify employers of any changes to the existing process with contributions breakdown slips well in advance of any future change.

  • Do I still need to do TR6’s, TR8’s and an Annual Service Return?

    No, the Monthly Data Collection (MDC) template negates the need for the above to be submitted. To submit a TR6, you'll provide the appointment line in the same format as the old TR6, if it's a new member, leave the reference number blank and it will provide an appointment statement.

  • How are concurrent contracts recorded through MDC?

    For concurrent service where the member’s contracts are in different establishments, separate service lines can be provided and Teachers’ Pensions will derive the concurrent service.

    For concurrent service where the member’s contracts are in the same establishment, you must use the concurrent service calculator to submit a combined service line. Please see the specification guide for further details. The concurrent service calculator can be found here.

    There is no need to use the concurrent calculator for multiple service as Teachers’ Pensions will adjust the service record accordingly.

  • How do I make a change if a member's record is wrong?

    Select UPDATE (the first column on the Monthly Data Collection (MDC) template) enables you to overwrite existing data on the member’s record. To overwrite service, you must ensure that the start and end date provided on the update match the start and end date of the service line which is to be replaced.

  • How do I record service for an employee who is paid in arrears?

    The salary needs to be recorded in the month that it's earned and all days excluded must be provided. When salary is known (usually the following month) an update service line must be provided showing the correct salary. This will replace the service line of all days excluded.

  • How do I record supply teachers who are paid a month in arrears?

    To provide service for members paid in arrears, you are able to use the ‘Update’ tool which is built into MDC. This allows you to retrospectively amend previous month's service.

  • I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) after May 2016 why would I need to provide backdated service?

    If you have gone live into MDC part way through a financial year, you will need to provide service information for the full year. Backdated service would only need to be provided for those months not covered through your MDC submissions.

  • If I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) from May 2016 and have to provide periods of service covered by my MDC return, what's the deadline?

    The deadline for receiving this information is 6 July 2017.

  • If I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) from May 2016, do I need to complete an Annual Service Return (ASR) for 2016/2017?

    If you have any periods not covered by your MDC returns, you'll need to provide this service information. You can complete the backdating process in one of three ways:

    • By providing a TR28 submission
    • By providing a backdated MDC file
    • By providing a part ASR, but only if you produce the information from your own systems as we’ll not be providing a prepared SCHEDPRINT form for your submission.

  • If I went live on Monthly Data Collection (MDC) from May 2016, do I still need to complete an Annual Service Return (ASR) as well as providing the gaps in service not covered through my MDC submission?

    If you've provided the gaps in service through either a TR28 or backdated MDC file then you don't have to complete an ASR for 2016/17.

  • What data won't be required?

    The required data set for monthly service returns has been reduced to ensure that submissions are as easy as possible. For those who decide to onboard to Monthly Data Collection (MDC) the following data will no longer be required:

    • Salary Scale
    • London Scale
    • Special Needs/Social Priority
    • Other Allowances
    • Supplement
    • Previous Surname
    • Incremental Point
    • Safeguarded Salary
    • Fast Track

  • What does the column 'record type' mean?

    An ‘A’ must be inputted for all employees each month. This includes new starters. ‘U’ must only be inputted when providing retrospective service updates.

  • What is the difference between concurrent service and multiple service?

    Concurrent service is where a member has two or more contracts with the same employer (Local Authority or otherwise) at the same time. This can either be at separate establishments or the same establishments, or a combination thereof.

    Multiple service is where a member has two or more contracts with different employers.

    Please note that for Local Authority (LA) maintained schools the employer is the Local Authority, so employment at two different LA maintained schools in the same Authority will be concurrent service not multiple service.

  • Why do I keep receiving 'mismatch of personal data errors' during the onboarding process?

    Please don’t be alarmed if you receive a lot of these errors during the onboarding process. The information you provide for the first three months is updated into our own bespoke test system. It’s likely that some of the information held in the test system is older than the information in the live system. 

    When you transfer into live, these errors will not appear. If an error does appear when live, please review the member’s personal details using the ‘Member Search Functionality’ in the Employer Portal.


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