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How and when do I join MDC

How and when do I join MDC?

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If you’re new to the Scheme, you’ll automatically join MDC.

For the first three months you’ll be required to submit MDC data into a test system (no ‘live’ member records will be updated). This allows you to identify any errors that could be fixed and allows us to ensure the data provided is of an acceptable standard.

Following your third submission, the information will be compared against our success criteria. You’ll be notified when you have successfully passed the on-boarding phase and you’ll then be moved into the live environment. It’s important to note the initial three test submissions will need to be resubmitted into the live system, ensuring that any errors are corrected before returning.

If you join MDC within a financial year, you must ensure that service and salary information is provided back to the previous April. For example, if you on boarded to MDC in November 2017, you must ensure service is provided between April 2017 and October 2017. This can be submitted via MDC submissions or a TR28.

All future submissions will update live records.

Don’t worry if you don’t pass the success criteria, you’ll continue to submit MDC data within our test system until we’re both comfortable about moving you into live. We’ll support you throughout the entire process.

It’s important that when you re-upload these files that all the errors have been corrected to ensure you won’t have to do the exercise again. Once we confirm you’re live, all future extracts will go straight into the live system.

MDC can be completed in either of two ways. You can use our own bespoke MDC template to complete and return to us or you can develop your own MDC solution based on the information in the MDC Guidelines and Error Codes notes.

There’s a number of payroll and software providers who’ve already created their own solutions for this. If you're using either of these you should contact them first.

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