When do I on-board to MCR?

You can on-board to MCR as soon as you're ready. We’ll only be able to accept a set amount of establishments on-boarding each month in order to ensure we can provide the support you may need. If you, or your payroll or service provider isn’t ready yet, then we’d recommend that you let us know when you will be planning to on-board as soon as possible to ensure you secure your chosen on-boarding date. You can view our on-boarding availability online.

To determine if you’re ready for on-boarding, please read Prior to On-boarding section in the On-boarding Guide and take a look at our On-boarding Checklist.

If you’re a Payroll provider and would like to find out more about on-boarding, please read Payroll Providers section in the On-boarding Guide.

If you’re a Multi-Academy Trust and would like to find out more about on-boarding, please read the Multi-Academy Trusts section in the On-boarding Guide.

For the initial three months of on-boarding (Data Assurance Stage) your data will be uploaded on to the live system and therefore member records will be updated with the information you provide.

Once you've successfully completed this stage, you’ll be classed as LIVE.

To find out more about the Data Assurance stage please read the Data Assurance section in the On-Boarding Guide.

Last Updated: 11/02/2021 14:50


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