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Applying for retirement

Applying for retirement

Form Description 
Early Retirement (AAB)

You may have the option under the scheme to take actuarially adjusted benefits. Please read the notes on this form to check your eligibility if you wish to exercise this option. This is an online application form.

If you require a paper version of the form you can download it here.

Additional service after retirement

Use this form to apply for retirement benefits accrued though additional service after retirement.

Age retirement

If you've reached your Normal Pension Age (NPA) and wish to claim your benefits, please complete this form. You should ensure that you application is submitted no more than four months before your proposed retirement date, as there may be salary changes that could affect your benefits if submitted too early. This is an online application form.

If you require a paper version of the form you can download it here.

Ill health retirement

To make an ill health application, you'll need to complete the 

Please note both the Ill-health retirement form and the medical information form must both be completed. Before you apply, please also refer to our Ill-health retirement guide.

If your Ill-health application has been rejected, please refer to our ill-health retirement appeals factsheet.

If, as a means of managing a health condition, you and your employer agree to a change to an employment with a lesser salary rate, please tell us about it by completing the Stepping Down Election form as we may be able to use your original salary rate when calculating benefits for any subsequent Ill-health retirement.

The form is only required for members who will take Ill-health retirement in the Career Average arrangement; members who take ill-health retirement in the Final Salary arrangement are already protected from a ‘stepping down’ of responsibility by the best 3 in 10 years average salary provision.

Phased retirement

You may have the options to phase your retirement under the Scheme. Please read the notes on this form to check your eligibility then complete and return it, if you wish to exercise this option.

Pension credit member

Complete this form if you are a member of the Scheme due to divorce settlement only and now wish to claim your benefits.

Short-service annuity

If you are re-employed and have less than one year’s service (365 days), and don’t intend to continue in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, your contributions and interest will generate an annuity to add to your existing pension.

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