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Actively Teaching - Naomi, 31

Actively Teaching - Naomi, 31

Naomi is a 31 year old part­time Food Technology Teacher at an Academy Secondary School in Berkshire. As a busy mum of two, she wants to be more knowledgeable about her pension but just hasn’t had the chance.

Naomi is a self­confessed ‘file it and forget about it’ type when it comes to documents like her Annual Benefit Statement. However, she’s quick to point out that it’s not because she’s not interested in her money or her financial future. As a part­time teacher and busy mother­of­two, time isn’t something Naomi has much of and, like many teachers in her age group, she feels that retirement is a long way off.

“The way life is with children and work, I really have to make a special effort to put time aside to do things, so at 31 it’s easy to push your Annual Benefit Statement into a file and tell yourself you can worry about it another day,” she explains.

I was really interested to play with the calculators.

“When you don’t understand something it’s easier to shove it in a cupboard and get distracted by other things, especially when it doesn’t feel like a really pressing issue at the moment. My school has offered pensions workshops, but I haven’t taken up this opportunity yet.”

“ Since registering for the Teachers’ Pension Scheme’s online portal, My Pension Online, Naomi has discovered important information about her pension that needs her attention ­ as well as calculators, which she says have provided the inspiration she needed to take notice and get more involved.

My record isn’t complicated, but I feel reassured to be in touch with it.

“I was really interested to play with the calculators; you can enter in different scenarios to see where you are hoping to be with your finances, which is really good. It’s also good to be able to check the details of your career to date. I had my children before I became a teacher so my record is not complicated, but I feel reassured to be in touch with it.”

Registering with the site has certainly brought things to my attention and I will definitely be more proactive in the future ­ it’s made me realise how important these things are.”

Do you want the peace of mind that you’re in control of your pension, like Naomi?

  • The online version of your Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) gives you the most up­to­date view of your pension available, 24/7. To view it, simply register for My Pension Online, or, if you’re already registered, sign in.
  • You can also use our quick and easy online pension calculators to know where you stand on your pension contributions and whether extra contributions could help you later.
Last Updated: 25/07/2019 10:53