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Planning to Retire - Sue, 64

Planning to Retire - Sue, 64

Sue has been teaching since 1972 and is retiring in the summer of 2014. Reviewing her employment history before retirement, Sue found she’d like to explore options for topping up her pension contributions.

Sue has spent her 42 years of teaching in the classroom. However, she and her family have moved quite a lot due to her husband’s work and, as a result, she has moved in and out of supply and semi­permanent work throughout her teaching life. She also opted out of her pension contributions while she took time out to have a family.

Sue had registered with Teachers’ Pension Scheme’s online services in the past but had found it difficult to use: “It totally befuddled me initially,” she said. “Despite this, I know my details are correct because I do check my annual statement, but going online to check it all just defeated me at the time.”

Having revisited the Teachers’ Pension Scheme website again more recently, Sue was pleasantly surprised at the changes and discovered some important information in the process.

The website really is much more helpful now.

“It is so much clearer now: there are more choices to help you find what you’re looking for and if you make a mistake, it tells you what you need to correct.” she said.

“The records of my career were so accurate that there were details of a short­term role I held many years ago, which even I’d completely forgotten about! So that was nice to see.”

“Another interesting thing that got my attention was the number of days I’d been on strike over the years ­ 39 to be precise. Obviously when you are on strike you don’t get paid, therefore your contributions drop accordingly and this niggled at me to be honest.”

It’s a great scheme and I’m really pleased to have it.

“When I did strike, I wasn’t thinking about the money and I did it with the best of intentions at the time, but now I can see that my pension has been affected I’d like to see what my options are with that.”

“I know you can top up your contributions but had I not logged in, I would never have realised it. It has certainly drawn it to my attention and I intend to make up any shortfall I can in order to get it all tidied up. The website really is much more helpful now and I would have used it much more as a younger teacher, had it been available then. It’s a great scheme and I’m really pleased to have it.”

Do you want to see how topping up your contributions could help your pension?

  • If, like Sue, you’d like to explore this option, you can find out more about your options at the Increasing your pension section of our website.
  • If you’d like to review your records and find out where you stand with your pension, the best way to do this is to register for My Pension Online (or sign in if you’re already registered), and view your employment history and Benefit Statement.
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