Death Grant

Your spouse, civil partner or surviving nominated partner will automatically receive your death grant unless you make a death grant nomination. You can choose to nominate somebody to receive your death grant, but it's important to keep this up to date.
If there is no adult beneficiary or death grant nomination at the time of your death, the grant will be paid to your estate.

Death in service

There is an in-service lump sum death grant equal to three times your average salary.

However for it to be paid, one of the following needs to happen:

There is no minimum qualifying period for an in-service death grant.

Death out of service

If you have two years of Pensionable EmploymentPensionable Employment is any period of full or part-time employment between the ages of 18 and 75, where you’re entitled to receive not less than half your salary and on which pension contributions were paid, including sickness absence or, where you’re in receipt of statutory family leave. – and you die after leaving pensionable employment – your death grant will be:

  • Your retirement lump sum accrued to date. 
  • Your pension contributions plus interest of 3%.

If you have less than two years of pensionable employment, your beneficiaries would receive your pension contributions plus interest at 3%.

Death and additional pension contributions

If you start purchasing additional pension – and die within 12 months – your contributions will be returned. 

If you die more than 12 months after the start date of purchasing both personal and dependant’s additional pension, your dependant will receive an additional pension of 50% of the indexed amount, plus any other Teachers’ Pension Scheme benefits.


Last Updated: 27/11/2014 14:19

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