Death benefits

If you go back to work after claiming benefits from the scheme, death benefits may be available for your loved ones if you die in service.

Death during Additional Service After Retirement or phased retirement

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme will pay a lump sum, using three times your average salary (less any lump sum benefits you have previously been paid) if you die during ASAR or phased retirement.

Un-nominated death grants

Sometimes there isn’t a nomination for receipt of a death grant. In these cases, the death grant is automatically paid to your widow, widower, or civil partner. However, if you don’t have a widow, widower,
or civil partner when you die, the death grant is paid to your estate.

Nominated death grants

If a nomination for receipt of a death grant has been made, it takes precedence over the categories above. 

How to make a nomination

A nomination for receipt of the death grant must be made on the Death Grant nomination form. You’ll need to indicate your wishes should the nominee pre-decease you.

It’s up to you to review your nomination periodically to make sure your wishes are current. For instance, if you nominate someone and then later marry someone else, the death grant will be paid to the nominee rather than your spouse or civil partner.

Last Updated: 06/10/2014 16:15

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