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Min £5,000 - Max £250,000

Did you join the scheme on or after 1st Jan 2007?
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You can get a personalised quote based on the most recent service and salary supplied by your employer.

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What this calculator can and can't tell you

  • Your full pension which has been reduced to take into account that you are retiring early.
  • Your lump sum amount and basic pension amount should you retire early.
  • Your full basic and lump sum pension for comparison.
  • The percentage of your unreduced pension (both basic pension and lump sum) that you will receive if you retire early.
  • Your maximum lump sum and residual pension.
  • The implications concerning optional benefits such as additional pension and additional voluntary contributions.
  • This calculator is unable to provide an illustration for salaries below £5,000.

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If you are unsure of any details check your annual benefit statement or online account.