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We’re actively monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and will continue to update our information in accordance with any developments. We have business continuity plans in place to enable services to continue.

Contacting us

To help protect our staff most of our teams are now able to work remotely. However, we’ve had to temporarily close our Employer Support Line. There are other ways you can contact us if you need to (please see our FAQs for details). We ask that you only get in touch if your query is urgent.

Getting in touch

Completing application forms

If you’re completing Part B of a member’s application form, we’re working to simplify the process.

Where possible we’re asking members and employers to complete forms using the online process. However, as not all our forms are currently online, we’re making changes to our printable PDFs to support those who are working from home.

As part of this we’re currently accepting PDF forms with digital signatures from you and your employees. We’re working hard to make these forms more interactive (currently you’ll need to use the fill and sign option) and ask you to bear with us while we do this.

COVID-19 provisions guidance

We’ve received several enquiries about the impact of COVID-19 and how some of the support measures may affect membership of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. We’ve created a factsheet explaining the impact on issues including pension contributions, member status and the reporting of salary and service. We hope this helps you to understand what’s required, and what you need to communicate to members of the Scheme.



We’ve answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions you may have.

  • We’re still here to help you with your queries via email. If your query is in respect of a general employer query, please email (This link opens in a new window). Alternatively, if you’re enquiring about finance contributions, please email (This link opens in a new window).

    Personal details should not be shared via email and all personal member information should be directed through the Employer Portal. Emails should be for generic queries only.

  • You can send forms/files to us using the Employer Portal.

    You need to follow the same method you would for sending your MDC Files and Monthly Contribution Breakdown Forms.

    All you need to do to upload a scanned document is to go into Upload a file (STU) section of the Employer Portal and follow these guidelines: To upload a completed file;

    • Click on ‘Upload a file (STU)’
    • Input a description for the file to be uploaded then click on browse to search for the desired file
    • Select the appropriate file and click on ‘Open’, this will then populate the ‘Upload File’ field on the previous page.
    • Click on ‘Upload’ this will then send the file to us
    • Once a file is uploaded, you’ll receive a confirmation email. The email will note if the file upload has been successful or not.
    • You must give the document a name (such as "Mr Smith Retirement form") so that we understand what the document is, and which team should process it.

    Sending documents to us in this way will speed up the process as we get the file sooner and help reduce the amount of white mail we receive daily.

  • We’re temporarily accepting forms from members and employers with digital signatures. This is to assist those of you that don’t have a printer/scanner at home.

    If the form is only needed to be completed by you (doesn’t require member input) please upload the form to us via the Employer Portal as normal. We can then process it.

    If the form has a part A (for your employee to complete) please collect part A you’re your employee (you and your employee will need to decide on a process of how to do this).

    You can then complete part B and upload it to us via the Employer Portal. We can then process it.

    To assist with this, we’ve temporarily added PDF versions of our ‘online only’ forms in case your employees need access to these during this time.

    To be able to complete the PDF forms digitally, please use the fill and sign option on Adobe PDF reader. We’re working hard to make our forms more interactive but for now please use the below instructions (as forms are made interactive, they will be uploaded to the website).

    • Open the form and save to your files.
    • Open PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. This is a free programme that can be downloaded here
    • Once you’ve opened the necessary PDF, choose the option ‘fill and sign’ from the right-hand panel
    • Place and click the curser over the blank text box and complete as normal
    • Save file.

    Please ensure you sign the form with your digital signature for it to be accepted.

  • Yes, to continue to support you we have added extra webinars to our training programme. These free sessions cover a wide range of topics and you’ll find details of the dates and times available on our website.

  • We’re doing everything to ensure normal service isn’t affected, however there may be the chance of a delay.

  • We anticipate that employers have their own Business Continuity arrangements in place, so we expect every effort to be made to ensure that regulatory obligations and file/submissions are submitted on time in order for us to maintain the service provided to our members.

Last Updated: 24/04/2020 13:55

Given the current uncertainty and changing landscape regarding Coronavirus our responses may change depending on the advice from the Government. Information is correct at the time of publishing.