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Dashboard: Quick Guide

Dashboard: Quick Guide

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The dashboard is your central hub to easily administer your Teachers’ Pensions responsibilities. The dashboard is divided into a number of sections:

My Messages

We will provide important updates on the system status and new information relating to the Teachers’ Pensions website. The dashboard preview will show a selection of the most recent unread messages. To view all messages simple click the view more messages link.

Task manager

This provides a snapshot of two part application forms that members have submitted online for your attention. 'Awaiting input' shows the number needing your input, 'Complete' shows those that have been finished, 'Error' shows the number we're aware of with errors (there is no action for you to take) and 'Manually Finished' lists those forms Teachers’ Pensions have completed. To view the Task manager click view more tasks.

Side navigation

The side navigation bar is your quick access list to those features you will be using every day. The links are self explanatory but here is a quick overview:

  • Overview – links back to the dashboard summary page
  • Task Manager – links to our tools to manage member web forms
  • Your Messages – view your employer portal inbox
  • Upload a file – send a file to Teachers’ Pensions
  • Download a file – access the files your need from Teachers’ Pensions
  • Member Search – search for Teachers using a range of criteria
Start a New Task

This small section offers quick access to change all your account log in details or to securely contact us.
Please Note: this section also contains a shortcut to the previous STU system so that your're able to complete outstanding web forms. This functionality will be removed at a future date.

Useful Links

We'll grow and adapt the useful links section moving forward, however they will always contain direct links to change your password, PIN and/or security question.

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