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Email templates

Email templates


These email templates have been built so they are compatible with Microsoft Outlook email systems.  Just place the file into outlook and you will be able to forward relevant information to scheme members. 

All you need to do is download the files to your computer and double click on them, they’ll automatically appear in an Outlook email for you to forward onto your members.

New Starters


Registering for My Pension Online    Other formats: Gmail, PDF, Word

Supporting New Starters email template

Approaching retirement - What you need to know made easy

Understanding Flexibilities email template

Protected member

Tapered member

Transition member

Member who joined after 1 April 2012

Last Updated: 21/02/2018 14:59


We've developed a Flexibilities calculator for our members.



Have you seen our video, 5 things in 5 minutes?



Are you preparing for retirement like Joan?

Case study

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