MPO Reports

Employer explaining MPO reports

One of your responsibilities as an employer is to encourage your employee’s to register for a My Pension Online (MPO) account.

MPO has many benefits for members and allows us to keep in touch with them throughout their career, including when they are starting and leaving your employment.

MPO allows members to keep on track with their pension. They can:-

  • view their Benefit Statement,
  • contact us with pension related queries
  • change their personal details
  • use the helpful online calculators to plan their retirement
  • apply for certain flexibilities to enhance their pension
  • update their beneficiaries.

How to get your employee online

To find out which of your employees don’t currently have an MPO account you can access your establishment’s monthly MPO report via the Employer Portal.

Each month we’ll send an email to advise you of the updated report, which will also include an email template for you to use to contact your employees and remind them to register. It’s quick to download and can be easily sent out. You can also signpost members to our videos and guides.

Email Template Outlook
Registering for my pension online Download
Get to know your pension Download
Check in on your pension Download

Remember, if a member doesn’t have an MPO account, it still remains your responsibility to advise the member of their options within the Scheme.


For your employees to register they’ll need their:

  • Personal details
  • National insurance number
  • Personal email address*

Please encourage your members to register with a personal email rather than their establishment address as this can cause issues once they’ve left your employment.

Last Updated: 08/06/2022 11:04


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