Starters and leavers

We provide starter and leaver information directly to members where a My Pension Online (MPO) account or email address is available. Members will receive an email directly from us regarding their general change of circumstances, which will then direct them to personal information about their pension. To access this, they’ll need to log in to their MPO account (or will be advised on how to do this if they don’t already have one).

They’ll also be led to personal information that can be located through MPO in order for them to better self-serve.

To allow us to contact as many members as possible and to help remove the responsibility from you, it’s vital to ensure your employees register for MPO. To help you with this there’s a monthly report available on the Employer Portal that tells you which of your employees haven’t signed up to MPO.

Where we don’t have this information, it’s still your responsibility to make sure members receive the necessary information.

A member needs to be communicated with if they:

  • are an early career teacher (ECT) (Formally known as newly qualified teachers)
  • have changed employer
  • have received a refund of their contributions after being in the Scheme for less than 2 years
  • have re-entered teaching
  • have left eligible service in the Scheme or opted out.

We’ve created a range of resources to help you communicate with members who haven’t provided us with their details, ensuring consistency of the messages members receive.

Last Updated: 05/01/2022 09:42


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