Teachers' Pensions

A new employment relationship is established


A new employment relationship has been established with the teacher. This is either because:-

  • you have hired a new teacher
  • you have a new contract with a teacher, and you are treating this as a new employment relationship; or
  • a teacher has joined you as part of a TUPE transfer
  • a teacher has joined you as part of a New Fair Deal transfer
  • a teacher employed by you takes on a new post.

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme Regulations (2010 and 2014, as amended) state that a teacher must be contractually enrolled once they take up employment.

To tell us that you have a new employment relationship with a teacher, you must add to your service submission.

I've completed the above

We’ve provided this toolkit to assist you with the implementation of Auto Enrolment. It’s an interpretation of the legislation in relation to the Teachers' Pension Scheme and is not to be considered as a comprehensive guide on Auto Enrolment.

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