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Need to figure something out with a member? The calculators below are the same as on the member side with the addition of a concurrent calculator.

Please be aware that any results are for illustrative purposes only. The final and definitive calculations will be performed by the Teachers' Pension Scheme.





Want to retire early?

If you're in the Final Salary Arrangements use this tool to estimate your adjusted pension benefits.

Calculate early retirement
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Understand Annual Allowance

Use this calculator to estimate if the Annual Allowance will have an impact on your circumstances.

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See how much you can earn as a retired member

If you go back into teaching employment after retirement, calculate how much you're able to earn without affecting your pension entitlement.

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Estimate your pension and lump sum

If you're in the Final Salary Arrangements use this tool to estimate your maximum pension and lump sum.





Estimate your final pension value

Interested to find out more about when you could retire or the lump sum you could receive upon retirement?

View calculator

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Concurrent Calculator

Concurrent service is used to identify a member who has two contracts with one employer. This calculator joins service and works out the annual salary.

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The latest policy updates and announcements about the scheme and the news that affects it:

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