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MDC Compliant Providers

MDC Compliant Providers

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To ensure compliance with employer duties under the Scheme regulations, it is essential that any payroll and/or software providers understand and comply with the requirements of MDC.

Is your payroll/ software provider MDC compliant?

We've published a list of both payroll providers and software providers who have a MDC solution that meets the key criteria for submitting data. Please note this doesn't advise on a choice of provider.

If you’re a payroll and software provider and believe you've met the criteria, please contact mdc@teacherspensions.co.uk.

These lists will be updated on a monthly basis to ensure the MDC defined criteria continue to be met and any new compliant providers are included.

MDC Compliant Payroll Providers

MDC Compliant Software Providers 

Last Updated: 27/09/2018 15:19


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