Members are required to submit a Certificate of Re-employment if they return to pensionable employment following retirement (working while on Phased Retirement is the exception here). A certificate is required for each financial (Scheme) year the member remains in pensionable employment.

However, where their employer submits service and salary information via MDC (even if the member has opted-out of the Scheme for the ASAR) the certification isn’t required separately for that employment.

If a member has been re-employed into concurrent service and has opted out of one of the contracts, a paper Certificate of Re-employment must be completed.

At the point of on-boarding to MDC, if any certificates remain within your Task Manager on the Employer Portal, these will need to be completed via the existing process.

Where a member completes a Certificate of Re-employment when it is not required (i.e. a notification has not been issued to both the member and the employer for completion), then this can be rejected with no further action.

Last Updated: 10/12/2021 13:40


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