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We’ve produced a series of factsheets, which will support you in helping your members. For more member factsheets please take a look at our member resources page.

Leaving pensionable employment

This factsheet provides more information on members' options should they wish to leave the scheme. You may wish to provide them with this sheet or direct them to the member area of the site where they can download a copy themselves.

Information on death benefits Factsheet answering questions related to member benefits after they die.
Ill health benefits and re-employment A factsheet to help members who are in receipt of Ill-health retirement benefits and have or are considering taking up employment.
Increasing pension benefits Information on the options members have to increase their pension benefits.
Maternity / Paternity Information on members options when taking time off for paternity or maternity.
Pensions and divorce Member information on divorce and the impact on their pension.
Retirement lump sum Answers for members on making decisions in relation to their lump sum.
Members returning to work after claiming benefits Information for members who have retired but are not claiming ill health benefit.
Working out average salary How a members average salary is calculated.
Working part time Guide for members covering questions relating to part time work.
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