The Teachers' Pension Scheme has recently changed its rules regarding survivor benefits.

The change has resulted from a claim that survivor benefit rules in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme were discriminatory towards female members in an opposite-sex marriage or civil partnership on the grounds of sexual orientation – known as the Goodwin case.

The change being made will provide female members in an opposite-sex marriage or civil partnership with the same survivor pension rights as all other members who are in a marriage or civil partnership.

To help members and beneficiaries understand if they're affected by the Goodwin ruling we’ve created the following online resources.

If members haven't retired yet, the change will be reflected on their Benefit Statement available via My Pension Online.

If they've already retired, they can use our new online decision tree tool, which provides examples of how people will be affected and our excel calculator, which will give people an idea of what their new entitlement will be.

Last Updated: 10/01/2022 12:07


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