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  • Can I use my AVC fund to purchase additional pension?

    No. It’s not possible to purchase additional pension in the TPS with funds accrued under either an AVC, or Free Standing AVC arrangement, or by using a tax-free lump sum from another pension arrangement.

  • How do I contact Prudential?

    You can contact Prudential by calling 0845 070 0007 Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm or visit their website at www.pru.co.uk/content/schemes/teachersavc/

  • How do I find out more about AVCs and Prudential?

    You can find out more about AVCs and Prudential by visiting the Prudential’s Introduction to AVCs or by viewing their Literature Library.

  • How do I find out what benefits will be due from my AVC?

    The In House AVC facility is administered by Prudential so you should contact them with any queries regarding the amounts that may become payable.

    The address for enquiries is:

    Teachers’ AVC Department
    FK9 4UE
    Telephone: 0845 0700 007
    Website: www.pru.co.uk/teachers

  • Will I receive my teachers’ AVC benefits when I receive my TPS pension?

    Payment of your teachers’ AVC benefits is not linked to payment of your TPS pension. You could access your teachers’ AVC at any time from age 55. If you have a Free Standing AVC arrangement you’ll need to contact the AVC provider as their rules can vary.

Last Updated: 29/8/2012

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