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Please be aware that any results you come up with are for illustrative purposes only. The final and definitive calculations will be performed by the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

Estimate your pension & lump sum ››

Interested to find out more about the lump sum you could receive upon retirement? Try out a few different calculations to see the effect of different lump sum amounts on your final pension.

Want to retire early?Estimate your adjusted pension benefits ››

Use this calculator to estimate what your adjusted pension benefits would be if you were to retire before your Normal Pension Age.

How contribution increases have affected you ››

Calculate your monthly contributions, before and after tax.

See how much you can earn as a retired member ››

If you go back into employment after retirement, calculate how much you're able to earn without affecting your pension entitlement.

Additional calculators

The following calculators require Excel.

Calculator Description
Purchasing additional pension calculator

Since 1 January 2007 there has been a new provision for enhancing your pension known as Additional Pension (APB). You can decide to buy APB just for your own pension, or you could also provide for your dependant to receive one half of the APB you have bought after your death.

Buying additional service for partners calculator

This calculator can be used to work out the estimated cost of purchasing additional service for Civil Partners and unmarried nominated partners.

Annual allowance calculator

The Annual Allowance (AA) calculator can assist employers and members in investigating the effect of the AA of £50,000 for tax years commencing 2011/12. Any growth in excess of the AA and the balance of any AA carried forward from the previous three tax years will result in an AA charge.

Concurrent Calculator Concurrent service is used to identify a member who has two contracts with one employer. This calculator assists employers to join the service up and work out the annual salary before submitting their Annual Return.
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