How much do I pay in to my pension?

Whether you’re full-time or part-time, you’ll pay a percentage of your gross full-time equivalent salary into your pension each month.

You’ll get income tax relief on your contributions and your employer will deduct them automatically from your salary. They will then pay a further 14.1% directly into your pension each month.

Like any financial transaction you make, it’s important you’re paying the correct amount. So check your payslips and if you think a mistake is being made, contact your employer immediately.

The pension contribution rates for 2014/15 are shown in the table below.

Lower Salary 
Higher Salary 
Contribution Rate
in 2014/15
against 2013/14


































Our contribution increase calculator will provide an illustration of how your pension may be affected by these changes.

Your Annual Benefit Statement

Each year we’ll send you a statement showing what your benefits are currently worth. It’s worth reading through this to check it's accurate.

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