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Reform - The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is changing

The regulations for the changes to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme were laid in parliament on 10 March 2014. Public consultation on the amending regulations is currently planned to start on 28 April.

To prepare for the changes in 2015, we’ve developed a 12 month plan of activity to support both members and employers. In the coming year we’ll provide you with information to help you understand the changes to administer the scheme, along with resources to support members on how the changes will affect them personally.

So what to watch out for in the next couple of months:

  1. A dedicated website providing all the information relating to the changes in April 2015
  2. A series of resources including factsheets, case studies and FAQs
  3. A video for members which will outline the key changes
  4. Information about training including webinars, seminars and 1-1 opportunities – webinars will start from April.
  5. Dedicated email on reform activity and the resources available
  6. A PowerPoint presentation to help you train your staff.


Further support includes: bespoke HR and Payroll specifications for delivering the minimum requirements.

The information we’ll be providing initially will give you a basic overview of the Scheme, but also the importance of you (and the member) understanding the different types of members and how the changes will (or won’t affect them).

We’ll let you know when the website goes live. And keep looking for the change 2015 logo – it will appear on all our materials so you’ll know you’re receiving something to help with delivering the changes.

Last Updated: 24/03/2014 17:07

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