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Our news pages are updated regularly with all the information you need to know about the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

We've made updates to the MCR template

We've made updates to the MCR template to help you make your submissions.

15/04/2024 |

Multi Academy Trust and Academy submission

If you're part of a Multi Academy Trust or Academy, read our submissions update.

02/04/2024 |

Contributions drop-in session

Our next Employer drop-in sessions will be on the topic of contributions.

02/04/2024 |

Supporting you with April submissions

Read our guidance on supporting you with April submissions.

02/04/2024 |

Additional Pension and Buy Out Revaluation

Learn about the Additional Pension and Buy Out Revaluation changes.

02/04/2024 |

Updating a member’s National Insurance number or Date of Birth

Read our update on changing a member's National Insurance number or Date of Birth.

02/04/2024 |

New to the Employer Portal?

If you're new to the Employer Portal, take a look at our resources.

02/04/2024 |

Get ready for the End of Year Certificate process

Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be sending through an EOYC email soon.

02/04/2024 |

Latest factor changes

New factors have been provided by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD)

25/03/2024 |

Changes to Lifetime Allowance from 6 April 2024

The Lifetime Allowance for the 2024/2025 tax year will be abolished from 6 April 2024 and is being replaced by three new allowances.

22/03/2024 |

Finance update

Read our short finance update for March.

04/03/2024 |

Important information regarding your submissions

Important information regarding submissions for Multi Academy Trusts, Academies, Local Authorities and Payroll Providers.

04/03/2024 |

Monthly Contributions Reconciliation (MCR) surgery

Join us for our monthly Contributions Reconciliation (MCR) surgery in March.

04/03/2024 |

End of Year Certificate drop-in session

Join us on our next employer drop-in session.

04/03/2024 |

Changing payroll providers

Thinking about changing payroll providers?

04/03/2024 |

Members with previous pensionable public service

Any members who’ve got a pension in another public sector pension scheme, need to inform us.

04/03/2024 |

Deadline for Faster Accrual and Buy Out elections

The deadline for Faster Accrual and Buy Out elections is 31 March.

04/03/2024 |

Encouraging colleagues to read the bulletin

Forward our monthly employer bulletin to your colleagues.

04/03/2024 |

Recording member service for February

Important update on recording member service for February.

27/02/2024 |

Updates to contribution rates

The employer contribution rate will increase from 23.68% to 28.68% from 1 April 2024.

16/02/2024 |

Using the correct Data Centre

A gentle reminder to ensure you're using the correct Data Centre for submissions.

05/02/2024 |

Knowing your responsibilities

View our responsibilities checklist to help you organise your workload.

05/02/2024 |

Join us to find out how our operational teams work

Our drop-in session for February will cover how our operational teams work.

05/02/2024 |

Finance update

Please read our finance update for February.

05/02/2024 |

Transitional Protection - Local Government Pension Scheme update

Read our Transitional Protection - Local Government Pension Scheme update.

05/02/2024 |

Make use of our training opportunities

Do you know about the training opportunities we offer?

05/02/2024 |

Our next Teachers' Pensions Action Forum is coming soon!

We'll be sending an email round with more information.

05/02/2024 |

Importance of correct member service

We'd like to remind you about the importance of correct member service.

01/01/0001 |


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