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Flexibilities calculator

Flexibilities calculator

We’re pleased to announce that the new flexibilities calculator, which allows members and employers to better understand the costs and benefits of taking flexibilities, is now live.

Members can choose from a range of flexibilities to increase their pension – Additional Pension, Faster Accrual and Buy Out of the standard rate of actuarial adjustment.

Some of the flexibilities are only available to members if they’re in the career average arrangement. If members are unsure which arrangement they are in, please encourage them to read our factsheet ‘Understand with member type you are’.

The Scheme flexibility available to members who have remained in the final salary arrangement is Additional Pension.

The Scheme flexibilities available to members who are in the career average arrangement are Additional Pension, Faster Accrual, and Buy Out of the standard rate of actuarial adjustment (please note  Buy Out must be made within the first 6 months of joining the career average arrangement).

Members in both arrangements can also take out the separate Teachers’ Additional Voluntary Contributions pension via Prudential.

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Last Updated: 28/08/2018 14:46

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