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Our webinars and seminars have started again in September, with seminars taking place in London, Nottingham, Llandudno and Brighton, whilst in October we’ll have events running in Leicester, Ely, Darlington and London. Our webinar programme has re-started, covering MDC and Auto Enrolment.  Why not look at our training schedule for more details.

We’ve also received queries regarding seminars for teachers approaching retirement, which are being offered by ‘Teachers’ Planning Retirement’, the ‘Teachers Retirement Agency’ as well as other providers.

Teachers’ Pensions don’t provide advice services and these seminars are not being delivered by Teachers’ Pensions, nor do we appoint companies to deliver the seminars on our behalf. The only member presentations we support are through the Prudential. If you'd like to contact them to enquire about member presentations you can do so via email on teachers.seminars@prudential.co.uk or telephone on 0800 0154614.

If you receive any queries from members, please advise them that these are not Teachers’ Pensions events and that we do not charge for any seminars that we deliver. If members are seeking independent advice they may contact their respective union or look at the following:-

Last Updated: 26/09/2017 15:20

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