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When to complete an enrolment form
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When to complete an enrolment form

You must complete an enrolment template if you’re enrolling a teacher into the Scheme because of:

  • Auto enrolment
  • Auto re-enrolment
  • the end of transitional delay (where an Auto Enrolment exception does not apply – read more on this from our June bulletin)

You’re contractually enrolling a teacher who has previously opted out and they’ve joined you:

  • On commencement of a new contract of employment
  • As a result of a TUPE transfer
  • As a result of a New Fair Deal Transfer
  • The teacher has a contract change or takes on an additional post.

Please note that you should check the member print in the Employer Portal to determine whether a person has a previous opt out from the Scheme

Last Updated: 30/01/2019 13:19

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