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EOYC timetable for 2018

EOYC timetable for 2018

Your End of Year Certificate (EOYC) submission begins in March.

To help you complete this, we wanted to remind you of the process and the key deadlines you have to meet.

Before you begin, check that the contact details we have for your establishment are correct. You can do this by completing the 'Declaration and contact details' form, which you'll find in the 'Templates' section of the Employer Portal.

Please ensure you complete all individual contact details in full, regardless of whether it's the same contact.

When you complete the form it's also worth checking you fully understand the tiers that are in place for contributions. Once you're familiar with these for the new financial year then you can proceed with submitting the form.

The key dates you need to be aware of are:

 Key dates   Activity 
 Thursday 1 March 2018   Declaration and contact form available via Employer Portal
 Friday 30 March 2018   Final date to submit declaration and contact form via the Employer Portal
 w/c 23 April 2018   Download the EOYC form for completion
 Thursday 31 May 2018   Unaudited EOYC to be returned to Teachers’ Pensions
 Friday 28 September 2018   Audited EOYC to be returned to Teachers’ Pensions (non LAs only)
 Friday 30th November 2018   Audited EOYC to be returned to Teachers’ Pensions (LAs only)

You'll find the forms in the Employer Portal by the dates above.

You'll find instructions on how to complete the EOYC within the form itself but you can also get help by accessing our EOYC guidelines. The TP05 document is also available, which must be followed by all financial accountants when auditing EOYCs for employers.

Your fully completed EOYC submission is an important requirement for the administration of the Scheme. Late submissions have an impact on the quality of the information that members receive about their pension.

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