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Webform enhancement to adding service

Webform enhancement to adding service

We’ll shortly be making enhancements to the way you can submit service and salary details on application forms.

The improvements will take effect on the online Retirement, Repayment and Transfer in forms, allowing for ease of use when submitting multiple lines of service.

When completing one of these webforms, a table of service lines will be generated automatically on the service entry page, with the appropriate split if the service falls over a change in tax year. The system will pre-populate the dates needed based upon the form you’re completing. These dates will include;

Retirement and Repayment webform

  • The last day of service held on record
  • The date inputted by the member as their last day of service (which you’ll have already confirmed)

Transfer In webform

  • The first day of pensionable service
  • The date of the Transfer In application

As the information needed for Monthly Data Collection is different from that used historically for Annual Service Returns, the amount of required information has also changed. The following form fields have been removed;

  • Salary scale
  • Safeguarded salary
  • London allowance
  • Social priority
  • Supplement

For more information on the enhancement and guidance on how to submit service information in this new formation, you can read our guide.


Last Updated: 26/11/2018 14:32

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