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Possible missing service for potential retirees
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Possible missing service for potential retirees

As we’re coming up to a key time where members choose to retire, we’re checking through member records to identify any missing service. We thought we’d give you an insight into what we do so you can understand the process and what your involvement is.

Cases are set up by the team for each member that meets the criteria.  As the team works through the case, emails are generated automatically and sent to the relevant employer to amend the gap in question. If there are multiple gaps in service, there could be a number of emails to you to make the necessary updates.

In terms of criteria we’re currently looking at all members age 60. Once these are completed we’ll then move on to age 59.

The email you receive will have the title
‘POSSIBLE MISSING SERVICE – Member NI Number – AB123456’ (example)

You can then access the request via the Employer Portal.

Reminder process
Due to Scheme requirements on the processing of missing service, we’re required to complete the process within 10 working days. The 10 day process is broken down into:-

Day 1 - starts when we notify you of the gap
Day 3 – we’ll issue a reminder
Day 5 – we’ll issue a second reminder
Day 7 – we write to the member to make them aware that we’ve contacted you regarding the possible missing service and are awaiting your response.

Employers can use a TR28 form to provide us with additional service or a withdrawal marker to confirm any leaving dates.

This information is then used to update the member’s record.

We’d appreciate your support in completing these to reduce the volume of missing service that has to be tackled when a member decides to retire.

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