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Monthly Data Collection improvements

Monthly Data Collection improvements

There’s been a number of improvements to elements of the Monthly Data Collection process relating to split service at 5 April and guidance on submitting address information for British Forces members.

Split service at 5 April

The MDC and TR28 template has been enhanced to ensure you cannot submit a service line which spans 5 April for the year 2017 and all years afterwards. For example:-

  • If the service line spans 6/4/2017 or 6th April in the years following 2017, it will not allow you to submit the service. The template will highlight in red those dates
  • If the service line spans 6/4/2016 or any 6th April prior to 2016, then the templates will allow you to submit the service

Where the incorrect template has been used for the service period, a notification will be issued to you. The correct template must then be used and the data re-submitted”.

British Forces Post Office (BFPO) Guidance – MDC Template

Wording has been included on the MDC template to confirm the process for submitting address information for British Forces members. The wording included will say:-

“If the member’s address details are for a Ministry of Defence BFPO address, please use the fields Address Lines 1 to 5 on the Monthly Service Return file to enter the BFPO address in the format outlined on the GOV.UK website, inclusive of the BFPO number. Please then ensure you enter ‘OVSA’ in the postcode field.

Please note: Any commas within the address should be removed and replaced with a space.”

Last Updated: 23/07/2019 12:55

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