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Employer Portal User Management Notice
  Our Employer Support helpline is currently closed until further notice but you can still contact us.  

Employer Portal - User Management Notice

From 31 October we’ll be introducing new ways to help ensure that Employer Portal accounts are kept relevant and up to date.

This may impact on those of you who are new account users, or those account users who don’t log in to the Employer Portal on a regular basis. To prevent the loss of access, it’s important to log in to your account on a regular basis and to respond to any email reminders you receive.

We’d also ask that if an account is no longer required, please contact the Employer Support team.

If you haven’t logged in to the Employer Portal recently and do need to maintain access, we recommend you do so before that date.

The new process will be as follows:-

New account user

Your account will need to be activated within 30 days upon receiving your password and PIN. If the account isn’t activated within this period it will be deleted and any future access needs to be requested via an approved Delegation form.

Inactivity on an account

If you haven’t used your account you’ll receive a reminder email (and follow up emails if you don’t log in). These will be:

  • 80 days – email advising to log in within a ten day period, after this time the account password and pin will need to be reset by us (as is the current process)
  • 90 days – email advising to contact us to have your account password and pin reset. If you don’t log in within the next 14 days the account will be closed.
  • 104 days – the account will be closed and you’ll receive a confirmation email and guidance on how to request access in the future via an approved Delegation form and that future Employer Portal access is to be requested via a completed and approved Delegation Form.
Last Updated: 16/12/2019 14:34

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