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Regulation changes
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Regulation changes

We wanted to make you aware of changes to certain Scheme regulations for members which came into force this September.

These included changes to provisions for same sex partners, ensuring that they have the same survivor pension benefits as those provided to the widow of a male Scheme member. We’ve been administering the Scheme in line with the respective Court decisions since they were made, but the changes are now included in the Scheme regulations.

As part of the regulation changes we no longer require a ‘partner nomination’ (previously needed for those who aren’t married or in a civil partnership) for a partner to receive survivor pension benefits. As long as a partner meets qualifying criteria they’re eligible, should anything happen to the member. We do recommend completing a notification of partner form, as a means of making the Scheme aware of the relationship and providing contact details.

We’ve created a member factsheet you can share with your staff if you receive any queries about these or other changes.

Last Updated: 25/11/2019 15:46

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