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employer helpline and employer relationship manager contact details

Employer helpline and Employer Relationship Manager contact details

We’d like to remind you when calling the Employer Helpline regarding MDC queries, that option five should be selected. We’re receiving an increasing number of calls where option two (Finance and monthly contributions) has been selected, which results in employers having to redial.

Additionally, there has been an increase in members contacting our Employer Relationship Managers (ERMs) for advice on their pension options as employers have circulated their contact details. The purpose of the ERMs is to help you with any queries you have regarding administering the Scheme, and to provide training where needed.

Our ERMs are unable to deal with members queries directly, as they’re unable to provide advice on what options members have, and they may not be in a position where they can access the system required to deal with member queries.

If you have a member of staff who has any issues, please suggest they can either send us a secure message via their My Pension Online account, or call our member contact centre on 0345 6066166.

Last Updated: 16/12/2019 15:18

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