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Survivor Benefits Opposite sex civil partnerships
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Survivor Benefits - Opposite-sex civil partnerships

Recent changes have been made to the Teachers’ Pensions Regulations (TPR) in relation to survivor benefits. This is following the introduction of opposite-sex civil partnerships in England and Wales. Opposite-sex civil partnership ceremonies can be held from 31 December 2019.

As a result of the amendments to the TPR, an opposite-sex civil partner will qualify for survivor benefits. These benefits are aligned to those available to the spouse of a member who was in an opposite-sex marriage.

Females who survive their male spouse or civil partner will receive benefits in relation to the member’s pensionable service from 1 April 1972, unless the marriage or civil partnership took place after the member left the Scheme, in which case pensionable service from 6 April 1978 will apply. Males who survive their female spouse or civil partner will receive benefits based on pensionable employment after 6 April 1988.


Last Updated: 20/12/2019 12:46

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