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End of Year Certificate reminder
  Our Employer Support helpline is currently closed until further notice but you can still contact us.  

End of Year Certificate reminder

We previously explained that the contact we have noted in our system that deals with the EOYC process will have received the contribution cash email on 28 April 2020. If you’re the designated contact and you haven’t received this email from us then you need to email us to request a re-issue, while also submitting an up to date completed Employer Contact Details Form. Please note the system can currently record only one contact for each of the different areas of administration.

We’d also like to remind you that your unaudited EOYC needs to be with us by 29 May 2020. This submission must provide us with details of contributions detailed within the relevant tiers; reconciled against the total amount of contributions submitted by you. If you can’t agree the contributions paid figure you must contact us before returning the submission.

If you haven’t sent us your unaudited EOYC yet, please upload them to the Employer Portal as soon as possible to prevent further delays. If you’re having difficulties logging into your Employer Portal account please email us and request a password reset.


Last Updated: 21/05/2020 09:36

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End of Year Certificate reminder
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