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Independent schools checklist
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Independent schools checklist

If you’re an independent school or function provider who’s considering leaving the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, it’s important to understand the legal and regulatory requirements that your establishment must consider.

We’ve identified five steps that you must think about:-

Step 1 - Consider the benefits that members will be missing out on if you leave. The benefits provided by the Scheme are a key factor in retaining and employing good teachers in your establishment.

Step 2 - Consult with your staff in line with your legal obligations.

Step 3 – Should you decide to leave the Scheme, you must write to us. The effective date of ceasing to be an accepted Independent School will be a date provided by us on behalf of the Secretary of State. You’ll be required to provide an alternative pension scheme for teachers in line with the overriding automatic enrolment duties.

Step 4 - When members cease to be active in the Scheme, we’ll provide options to them about what they can do with their benefits. This includes the option to retain their benefits within the Scheme.

Step 5 - Understand the administrative steps you need to take to leave the Scheme.

We’ve created a checklist to further explain the important steps you must take, particularly in relation to the advice you should be providing to your staff, who’ll ultimately be affected if you choose to leave.


Last Updated: 23/06/2020 09:55

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