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Returning to teaching as part of the governments catchup scheme

Returning to teaching as part of the government's catch-up scheme

A retired teacher who took up a role as part of the National Tutoring Programme is unlikely to have their teacher’s pension abated as employment as a tutor or academic mentor would not be an eligible employment. Abatement is not applied where another employment is undertaken that’s not pensionable in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme.

  • If tutoring involves teaching, even on a ‘one-to-one’ basis, it’ll be taken into consideration for the purposes of re-employment in the Scheme, provided the tutor is employed by a Teachers’ Pension Scheme participating employer
  • If the teaching employment is "agency employment", it won’t be pensionable in the Scheme
  • If a member with a Final Salary pension awarded on grounds of Age and Premature retirement is re-employed in an eligible employment by a participating employer, the individual’s pension will need to be assessed for abatement. If the member has a combination of Final Salary and Career Average pension, the Career Average pension will be included in the re-employment calculation, but only the Final Salary element is subject to possible abatement
  • The type of work will also impact on whether it’s teaching or not. If the tutoring work isn’t teaching but is an educational support role akin to a teaching assistant, it won’t be covered by the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, but would instead be pensionable under the LGPS regulations.

For current teachers taking on additional work:

  • If the work is undertaken as an employee in a participating employer, the work will be pensionable in the Final Salary scheme, unless the member is employed in both full-time and part-time employments as a Final Salary member, in which case the part-time employment (e.g. any part-time tutoring) won’t be pensionable and won’t be included in the abatement calculations
  • If the work is done as overtime, it’s pensionable in the Career Average arrangement, but not in the Final Salary arrangement
Last Updated: 21/10/2020 10:35

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