Changes to the delegation process

To ensure we continually improve our data security, we will be introducing a change to how we can provide access to the Employer Portal for additional members of staff and third-party payroll providers.

From end of August 2021, the process will be as follows:-

  1. Send delegation form to us to request additional member of staff
  2. We’ll check the email is for a contact within your establishment and then contact the person who has been identified as your "Primary Contact" for approval for access to the Employer Portal for this individual identified on the delegation form.

It’s important that you do have a primary contact identified in your Employer Portal contacts. If you don’t, then we will reject the request and contact you to request your add a primary contact via the Contact Webform in the Employer Portal. Once this has been provided then the delegation form can be re-submitted and sent for approval to the Primary Contact.

Please ensure that you have a Primary Contact identified before you submit your form.

Last Updated: 27/07/2021 10:23