As you may know, we provide a wide variety of employer training to help you administer the Scheme. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain the importance of completing the Enhanced MCR webinars as they’re designed to help you with your monthly submissions going forward.

This training programme consist of three webinars – MCR Process Overview, MCR Data Set and Contribution Methods, and MCR Scenario Examples. Within the sessions you’ll learn:

  • How MCR will help you
  • What the process will be
  • What data you need to supply
  • ‘When Paid’ and ‘When Earned’ methodology
  • How to submit your MCR file
  • How to correct different errors
  • How to make Scheme contribution payments
  • Different scenarios you may come across.

As MCR will going forward be the only way you’ll be able to provide service and salary, webinars will be the perfect opportunity for you to understand what your responsibilities are and ask questions directly to our team who’ll be able to help you further.

Book a webinar today.

Last Updated: 03/05/2022 10:02