Finance update

Payment of Arrears Invoices

We’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that when in a position to pay an invoice for arrears of contributions, you pay the account quoted on the invoice. Please don’t pay it to the month contributions account or include it in your monthly submission. This avoids unnecessary contact with employers chasing ‘unpaid’ invoices when they may have incorrectly paid to the wrong account.

Completing the Contributions Monthly Breakdown form on MDC

There are occasions, due to a number of given reasons, why the contributions entered in your Monthly Breakdown forms return a ‘No’ on the validation routine. If this happens, we ask that you populate the ‘Ratio Error’ tab with the reason the contributions are out of tolerance. Completing this saves time for both us and you as it helps us to understand the reason behind the error and prevents us from having to contact you to ascertain the reason. If you’re correcting a previous Ratio Error a simple “Correction for previous month ratio” is enough for the reason.

End of Year Certificate

This is a gentle reminder that the deadline for submitting EOYCs for non-LA employers of 30 September is fast approaching. By now you should be in a position where your unaudited version has been handed to your auditor/person with the relevant experience in order to meet the deadline. There are several employers who’ve yet to submit the previous year’s return. The EOYC is a mandatory requirement for all employers to complete and we’ll be making contact again soon for those still outstanding. For employers who are able to forward any outstanding returns, these can be emailed to us (This link opens in a new window) now.

Residential Emoluments

We’d like to give you a heads up to advise any employers who’ve members paying a residential emolument that we’ll be making contact soon, if not already done so, to request up to date information to enable re-assessments to be completed. Any queries should be directed to the Arrears team (This link opens in a new window).

MCR submissions

If you’ve ever made an MCR submission and there have been errors, you should’ve been sent an error file. Within that file we quote a case number for each member error – this case number should then be quoted in subsequent submissions when making the correction to ensure it’s processed and updated correctly. If these errors aren’t completed properly, it could cause future delays with your submissions and potentially result in the suspension of further MCR files.

Last Updated: 02/08/2022 10:36