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Payroll Providers

Our Frequently Asked Questions below will help you answer many of your common questions about Payroll Providers.
  • Can a Payroll Provider submit information for a maintained school which still comes under Local Authority but has decided to use the Payroll Provider?

    No, as the Local Authority still retains authority for a maintained school any information will still need to be submitted by them.

  • Can Payroll Providers complete retirement forms?

    No, because they’re not the employer of the member.

  • Can a Payroll Provider submit all the individual data?

    Yes a Payroll Provider can submit all the individual data.

  • How do I get access to the Employer Portal?

    A delegate form will need to be completed and submitted to Teachers’ Pensions by the Payroll Provider. This form will require information on all employers the Payroll Provider will be supplying information for.

    The employer is also required to complete a specific delegation form to confirm to Teachers’ Pensions that the Payroll Provider is acting on their behalf.

    Both forms can be downloaded on our website.

  • How does the Payroll Provider access work?

    Payroll Providers are now able to submit service and salary information and monthly contributions directly to Teachers’ Pensions. This can be delivered for all contracts held by the Payroll Provider.

    Where historically information would be collated for individual contracts by the provider and then sent to the employer to update to the Employer Portal, we now allow the Payroll Provider to do this directly.

    We’ll allocate each Payroll Provider with their own establishment number once the delegations forms have been received.

  • How will this work for the Payroll Provider and employer?

    The benefits of this improvement are:

    • Payroll Providers won’t have to provide individual data back to multi employers for them to submit
    • Payroll Providers can provide information directly to Teachers’ Pensions
    • The removal of some of the administrative burden on the employer(s)
    A more streamlined, quicker process as all data can be submitted together.

  • What access will the Payroll Provider have?

    Payroll Provider access will be the same as that available to current employers apart from authorisation of member application forms as they'll still need to be done by the employer.  

  • What happens if a Payroll Provider no longer provides services for a school?

    An email is required to Teachers’ Pensions from the Payroll Provider to say that they no longer manage the school. We’ll then remove them from the contract.

  • What happens when Payroll Providers have new schools to provide data for?

    The Payroll Provider will need to contact us and provide their relevant delegation form.

    The employer will then need to provide the relevant delegation form to confirm the Payroll Provider can provide data on their behalf for the new school.

    The Payroll Provider will need to provide an updated version of their delegation form to include the new school(s).

  • What's the difference to how Payroll Providers currently work?

    • They can submit information directly to Teachers’ Pensions as opposed to acting as a third party for the employer.
    • They can submit within one data centre directly
    • The new format will mean one process step is being removed, which should ensure it’s more efficient.

  • Where can we find the delegation forms?

    The delegation forms can be found on our website here.

  • Will a Payroll Provider be able to authorise application forms?

    No, they’ll not be able to as they’re not the employer.

  • Will a Payroll Provider only need to provide one paying in slip if they have multiple establishment numbers?

    No you'll still need to provide individual returns each month. With monthly contributions remittance, the values of the contributions are amalgamated together. Therefore, we can't work out how much would relate to each school.


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