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Update to member search
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Update to member search

Last month we advised you that having reviewed the member search with the Department for Education, we’d made changes to the member search to strengthen data privacy controls.

The change meant that the member search combination of Date of Birth and Surname was no longer available and that the required minimum information to search was either the member’s Teachers’ Pensions Reference number or their National Insurance number.

After reviewing our processes for newly qualified teachers, we’ve agreed to reintroduce using Surname and Date of Birth as search criteria for members with no existing service. If you recognise that there’s an incorrect National Insurance number, this can be amended under the ‘Change of Teachers details’ section on the Employer Portal.

For a member who has existing service you must search with either their Teachers’ Pensions Reference number or their National Insurance number.

Last Updated: 19/11/2019 11:18

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