Prudential Additional Voluntary Contributions – Processing issue

Prudential, the provider of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are currently experiencing delays in the processing of contributions and paying out claims. They’re working hard to resolve the delays and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

They’ve confirmed that any delay in the processing of contributions will not affect members plans and that their contributions will be backdated to the original date that they were received by them. The delays may mean that members won’t be able to see an up to date figure when they log in to their Prudential online account but that this will be resolved when their contributions are processed .

Importantly, members contributions have not been lost and will be processed as quickly as possible by Prudential.

Prudential have had delays in issuing claims but have provided reassurance that claims will be paid and there’s no problem with their ability to pay. However, the delays mean that members may have to wait longer for their retirement or transfer claim to be completed.

Last Updated: 16/06/2021 12:33