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All teachers who are members of the Scheme must have their pension contributions deducted from their gross contributable salaries.

As only pensionable pay should be included, pay figures should be adjusted to exclude amounts where a teacher:

  • Has opted out of the Teachers' Pension Scheme
  • Is aged 75 or over
  • Is in part-time non pensionable employment
  • Is already correctly contributing to the Local Government Pension Scheme
  • Is in receipt of non-pensionable allowances e.g. overtime where a member is not in the Career Average scheme
  • Is paying contributions on a former higher salary
  • Is paying additional contributions (Preston), due in the case of elections for retrospective access to the pension scheme by part-time workers.

Calculating contributions

Types of contributions

Arrears of contributions

Non pensionable pay

End of Year Certificate


Tax and National Insurance

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