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Additional Pension
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Additional Pension

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From 1 January 2007, members of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme have been able to buy Additional Pension Benefits in units of £250 up to a total maximum in the Scheme. The maximum amount of APB that can be purchased in the Teachers' Pension Scheme by a member or employer is reviewed annually.

A member can either purchase Additional Pension by way of a one off payment or by deduction from salary. The member must be in pensionable employment in order to make an election. It’s also possible to buy Additional Pension for members whilst the member is in pensionable employment, but by lump sum payment only.

An application for Additional PensionAn option available to members in the final salary and career average arrangements to increase their pension. Additional Pension can be purchased in multiples of £250 and can be paid for through monthly contributions deducted directly from salary over a set period of time, or by a one-off lump sum. can be made at any time up to reaching Normal Pension Age during pensionable employment.

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