Teachers' Pensions
Factors and guidance

Factors and guidance


This section has been created so you can easily access all information required regarding the various factors used within the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

As well as providing the factors we've received, we have also identified those we're still waiting for.


Additional Pension

Buy Out

Faster Accrual

Outstanding contributions in respect of Past Added Years - additional Family Benefits contracts


Early Retirement

Late Retirement

Premature Retirement

Lump Sum Conversion

Trivial Commutation

Family Benefits

Purchasing additional benefits for dependents


Cash Equivalent Transfer Value

If the age is above normal pension age, please use these guidance notes.

Club memorandum plus Scheme specifics

For more information please visit the website below:



Factors to calculate a pension credit in the Teachers' Pension Scheme

Pensions on divorce Guidance

Factors to calculate a pensioner cash equivalent in pensions on divorce cases

Pensions on divorce Factors

Annual Allowance - Scheme Pays

Factors for members making a scheme pays election before 1 August 2015.

Scheme pays election

Factors for members in the Final Salary 2010 arrangement making a ‘scheme pays’ election on or after 1 August 2015.

Final Salary election

Factors for members in the Career Average 2015 scheme making a ‘scheme pays’ election on or after 1 August 2015.

Career Average election

Lifetime Allowance

For members where an LTA reduction is calculated on or after 1 October 2015 – this guidance relates to members who exceed the Lifetime Allowance giving rise to a tax charge paid by the TPS. The member’s benefits are reduced in accordance with a factors based on the person’s age at the payable date. Both pension and lump sum for members an automatic lump sum will now be reduced to meet the Lifetime Allowance charge.

Where an LTA reduction is calculated on or after 1 October 2015

PRC Actuarial Tables

Please use the link below for the current PRC factors:

PRC Factors

Last Updated: 20/02/2019 14:44


Read our Completing the Declaration and Contact form factsheet.



How to administer the scheme.



Read our Salary Link and Overtime factsheet.


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